About the Youth Council

Must be between the ages of 12-24 to apply, this is a volunteer positions with 1 meeting commitment per month, you are able to get school community hours through this program. Please read the information below and fill out the form to apply. 

The purpose of this council is to provide both the youth and the elected official an opportunity to engage in an open dialogue. This youth council will have the hear of the MP to help bring forth issues that are important to youth. Participants will meet every month to discuss what matters most to them. During this time, they will work to organize community based projects to help improve our community. This council will also help to support the gathering of youth voice from Kingston, helping to bring the voices of all young people to the table. 

Young people who are selected for this program will be a part of a committee with other youth selected across their region to take part in a one year program where they are able to speak about and debate a variety of issues and topics.

The Goals Are:

  • To provide direction to the MP on issues of interest to both youth in our riding and himself
  • To provide concrete feedback and non-partisan advice to the federal government in a broader sense on the issues that youth are facing, such as (un)employment, access to education, and climate change

Application Deadline: Monday October 23rd by 11:59pm

Contact noor@studentscommission.ca

Application Form